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Water Testing

Bio Lab Water Testing

BioGuard® was one of the first companies to use computerised pool and spa water analysis.

Poolside Cobram & Yarrawonga use BioGuard® Technology to provide the fastest and most accurate water testing in the pool and spa industry.

Why have your water tested?

Correct water balance is imperative to your personal health, water appearance and equipment.

Many factors can affect the quality or clarity of the water in your swimming pool or spa. Using bore water can mean problems with calcium and iron. More bathers than usual can affect the waters alkalinity.

Regular testing is required to ensure you maintain the health of the water in your in ground or above ground swimming pool or spa.

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Preparing Your Sample:

To collect an accurate water sample;

• Only use a clean water sample bottle obtained from Poolside Cobram & Yarrawonga clean & rinse the bottle thoroughly
• Obtain sample from elbow depth from the opposite end of the pool to your filter returns
• Bring your sample to our Cobram or Yarrawonga Stores for testing as soon as possible. Leaving samples for too long or in extreme weather conditions can alter your results. 

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